Tuesday, June 19, 2012

When you are lucky....

When you are lucky... It doesn't mean that you don't get a puncture tyre on a highway, You do get a puncture tyre but you are very near the exit and 500m away is a tyre repair shop... When you are lucky... It doesn't mean that you don't get into an traffic accident, You do get into an accident, but the taxi beside managed to shun you... When you are lucky... It doesn't mean that the road is always clear for you, You do see a rock on the road, but you missed the rock by inches... When you are lucky... It doesn't mean the traffic police doesn't summon you, You do get a summon, but you have a friend to draft an appeal letter, another friend to edit and you just have to send it... When you are lucky.... It doesn't mean that mishap won't fall upon you, Mishap does fall upon you, but you have friends to go through with you... How lucky are you? I'm pretty lucky...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Perfectionist's Perfection

"Virgo, the sixth sign of the zodiac, is also considered as the sign of critic or craftsman. Practical, modest, loving, helpful, active and fussy Virgo people are born between August 23-September 22. Its zodiac symbol is represented by a woman. Its ruling planet is mercury and Wednesday is its lucky day. A Virgo woman can be described as charming, witty, realistic, honest, organized, dedicated, helpful, gentle and perfectionist."

Have you met a perfectionist before in your life? Do you hate them? Do you think that they are sick? Nobody can step into a shoes of a perfectionist except another perfectionist. In actual fact, they hate themselves more than you hate them. Being born into the world where nothing is perfect: the people, the country, the government, the family, the school, the work and life. It is a pain to walk on every step.

Mary is a perfectionist born imperfect. She was not born with a perfect feature. Small eyes, Flat nose, small mouth containing crooked teeth. Mary wasn't born in a perfect family either. Nobody taught her how to take care of herself. In the end, the only perfect thing she was born with - eyesight, became imperfect. Her skin are dull and full of scars, figure is off.

Mary believe a perfectionist, is willing to spend, at all cost, to buy perfection. Mary first spent $5000 just to buy straight teeth. She then spent $4500 to buy slim figure. Next, she intends to spent a few thousand buying fair smooth skin. If she has more money, she would even buy a perfect look.

The fact is, in this world, many circumstances can't be foreseen and there are still things money can't buy. There is one thing at least. Money can't buy perfect children. What if he/she turns out to be a little monster? What if she turns out to be huge and ugly? What if he turns out to be brainless? What is Mary going to do?

True satisfication comes from perfection.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Mary Thinks That History is Repeating Itself

About 1 century ago, an island was discovered by a British and was named SG. Chinese from China flocked to this island to seek for a new living. Today, similiarly, we see Chinese from China flocking to this island. This caused a rapid rise in the local's population and the ratio now is about 1 PRC: 5 local.

Under the British's control, Singapore developed rapidly. Buildings, houses, road, drainage constructed and SG soon devolped into a fine country. Today, similiarly, everywhere is under construction. Sentosa, Marina, Orchard, expressways etc. Old buildings like scotts were tore down and new buildings rising everywhere one after another, Vivo follow by Ion Orchard, each claiming to be the biggest shopping centre.

In the past, other than immigrants, some chinese from china came over to SG temporary and work. Money earned were sent back to their homeland and this leads to an outflow of cash in the local market. In order to keep the money circulating within the island itself, opium den were built along places where the chinese travel to remit money. Today, similiarly, 2 Casinos were built on the same time, leading to heavy construction on the 2 places of interest in SG.

What will be the future prediction for business in SG? You know it.

Mary's Theory: Speeding Kills

Mary thinks that our life span is pre-destinated and life is a journey. Therefore, how long we can live is equal to how far we can travel. When you speed, you take a shorter time to travel a same distance. With a pre-destinated distance that each individual can travel and a shorter time we take to complete this journey, our life generally shorten. This is how it works. This theory also explains why we aged faster if we face more stress in life. So according to Mary's Theory,

No of years to live = pre-destinated distance / speed(miles/year)

Pre-destinated distance is a constant, therefore, no of years to live is indirect proportional to our speed. Years decrese with increasing speed. So,

Stop Speeding, Cause Speeding Kills.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Mary went to NUS

Once Mary overheard 2 young girls in Mac Donald discussing what path to choose for their future. They were from her secondary school cause both of them were wearing the digusting luminous orange T-shirt. Well, Mary really wanted to share with them her experience...

JUNIOR COLLEGE or POLYTECHNIC? Both can bring you to university. It all depends on your perference. BUT, polytechnic life was a freedom. No mugging. No tuitions. No stress. Well, the first very major choice starts when you are in secondary two. Which option should you choose? Pure Science, Triple Science or Sub Science? Whether your choice is polytechnic or junior college, if you never have intention to pursue your future in the science field, CHOOSE Sub Science. WHY? Because all high schools students takes pure science. Why fight with them? You will only be trapped in the centre of the bell curve if you fight with them.

Mary have to admit she made a very wrong choice. A choice that ruin her all path she planned. A choice she regretted for life. She was one of the fool that had choosen the pure science stream just because pure science students seemed smarter. Don't be fooled by such a skeptical thinking. Mary wanted to take optometry in polytechnic but because of her wrong choice, she did not score for O'Levels. Having made the first wrong choice led her into MORE wrong choices. Junior College was out of the choice. Mary put Chemical Process Technology as her first choice because she had pure science background. Mary realized her real interest is Business when she was year 2 in the polytechnic. Damn. She lost interest in studies. Truancy, late for class, sleeping in class was what she did for the whole of year 2. Well, Mary still did well for her exams. 2 Cs, many Bs, a handful of As and few Distinctions (So proud of herself). Being sick of Chemistry, something she never likes but do have a little talent in it, Mary swear she is never going to further her studies in Chemistry and was quite determined polytechnic will mark the end for her as a student career. BUT...

Mary made it to both university. She decided to choose the world top 20 university, NUS. Mary made the last minute choice of registering for a university reason was Mary was freaked out by the thoughts of joining work force. Mary tried to register for a placement in University and both NTU and NUS accepted her applications. Mary made it to the university because she is smart. Not academically smart, but Mary study smart. After first year in polytechnic, there was streaming again. 3 choices given: Industrial Chemistry, Food Science or Polymer. Industrial chemistry is popular, follow by Food, then polymer. This time round, Mary play the game smartly. She chose polymer. But still, Mary wasn't lucky. 10 classmates of hers had the same thinking. 2 top scorer were in the same class as her. Nevertheless, she made it to the Roll of Honor for 2 semesters. Anyway, the top student for 2005 was from Polymer. All the lecturers were amazed.

Mary have many friends who went to Junior Colleges but not many make it to the local universities. Sad to say, she is the only one in her secondary school level that made it to science faculty in NUS taking chemistry. She was also one of the girls in her secondary school to be condemn by her chemistry teacher and till now, Mary still don't understand WHY. WHY TEACHERS JUDGE STUDENTS BY LOOKS AND PERSONAL FEELINGS. THESE PEOPLE DON'T QUALIFIED TO BE A TEACHER. THIS IS A SCHOOL, NOT COURT OF LAW, SO WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE?

Life is a game, and it depends on how you play the game and in a game, the final result is either you WIN or you LOSE.

I'm a big big girl, in the big big world its not a big big thing in NUS. But i do do know, that i do do feel, pathetic...

Friday, May 4, 2007

Lessons Learnt In Life

Dear god

Please forgive Mary. Mary had been a nonsense last year. Last year was the year Mary turned 21. Mary tried to be funny by not going to school and hanging out late at night. Mary really thought that she was somebody with her little lamb but in actual fact, she is nobody at all. Mary has no achievements, no assets and many liabilities. Mary gained endless scars in her memories which made her too tired to continue the journey call life. One fine day, Mary woke up from her dream and saw reality. Reality told Mary its time to let go. Mary gave a thought on what reality told her and revise what she had done for the whole year and realized that she had learnt a big lesson in life.

This has been an expensive lesson learnt. Mary learnt that in life, she just has to be moderate. She has to accept the art of letting go. Art of letting go is to stop telling people you were once somebody. Nobody cares who you are in the past. A millionaire? A scholar? A champion? What people see is who you are now. What people look at is what you do next. In fact, life is just a handful of sand. You are the hand and life is the sand. If you grab it too loosely, you will lose them all. If you grab them too tightly, you will realize that you wouldn’t be able to gain the fullest because the capacity of your palm is the minimum when you clench it tight. Know what to grab, what to let lose and what to keep. Grab your dreams, keep on with your positive attitude and let go of your useless thoughts.

Mary also learnt another theory. That is you are who you are. You are who you are because of the things you did yesterday. And yesterday is already a cancelled cheque. Don’t waste the next 86400s of tomorrow to ask yourself what you did not do yesterday. Don’t blame the world. Don’t blame your parents. Don’t blame your ancestors. Wake up, people. The world will not change because of you. You have to change yourself to fit the world. Stop expecting government to provide you your basic needs. They are not your slaves and you have got to pay a high price for that kind of services.

Mary had realized her mistakes. Please forgive Mary.

Other Lessons Learnt in Life

1) Forgive & Forget: (By Lum)
Forget the one who hurt u & forgive urself for carelessly got hurt.

2) What goes ard, comes ard: (By Lum)
You bully others now, others will bully you in the future.

3) The art of Give & Take
He gives u something, & takes away everything.

4) Love isn't blind
Its just that u choose 2 look at the positive side of e person. If ppl can practise this in their work/life, they are 1 step ahead of being a highly effective person. Be proactive. Live life, enjoy life.

5) Faith
Faith is just what u need 2 get what u want. *It is a state of mind tt may be created by repeated instruction 2 e subconscious mind.(*Think & Grow Rich)

6) Asset VS Liability
I am my parent's present liability (spend $ on me) and future asset (earn $ for them).

7) I'm not stupid
When someone dun understand what are u teaching, say i'm stupid instead of u're stupid. Cos u are the one who dunno how 2 teach. Why did I say this? I came across a father teaching her daughter in Macdonalds. He was so loud that I couldn't concentrate on my own studies and I started observing them. The father was so impatient and spoke louder and louder. This made the child inferior and she didn't dare to say she don't understand. I just feel that such person don't fit to be a father. What is worse? He told her daughter you will win if you are louder then others. I was disappointed and I really feel like giving the father 1 tight slap. Really...

8) Time = Money
Yi cun guang yin yi chun jin, chun jin nan mai chun guang yin

9) Mix with the Right Group
Mix with the people who drives, you will drive.

10) Think with ur Brain, nt Heart
Don't let feeling affect u while u are thinking, especially in relationship.

11) What you Focus Expands
Don't assume when something don't happen on you, that incident does not exist. Things expand only when u focus on them. Example when you start to look at cars, maybe BMW, you will find the streets filled with BMW. Sad to say, those are other's. Don't just envy, Work hard for yours.

12) Power of Focus
Only with a magnifying glass then you can use Sunlight to light things up.

13) Need VS Want
A mature person do what he NEEDs to do & not what he WANTs to do.

14)Kindness in not equal Weakness (By Humphery)
Don't take my kindness as my weakness. Once I lost trust in you, I will nv believe u again.